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A message from your P&C...

Many of you may wonder who the P&C is and what is its purpose? You may also be concerned about being involved because you've tried it before at primary school and you're worried you'll end up with jobs and fundraising to do.

Let me firstly say that the KHS P&C is very different to many primary school organisations. We do minimal fundraising but rather seek to be involved in the running of the school in other ways. Above all, we are just a group of normal parents who are interested in what is going on behind the scenes in our children's education. We have been involved in selection panels for new staff, provided input into strategic planning for the school and are currently involved in the committee looking at the revision of the school uniform. All members can be as involved as they want to be - it is perfectly okay to come along to just sit and listen.

At our monthly meetings, we hear from our Principal, Brent Walker, about all sorts of things including staffing, new programs and curricula, maintenance and building works, student achievements and how the school is dealing with challenges, such as the current issue of vaping. This year, we will also be hearing from different staff members about their faculties or other programs in the school. At our next meeting, the Head Teacher of HSIE, Brent Waters, will give us an overview of what's happening in the HSIE faculty as well as filling us in on the school's direction with regard to promotion and publicity, which he oversees.

So, if you are keen to have a better understanding of what is happening at your child's school, I would encourage you to come along to our next meeting. If evening meetings don't suit you, stay tuned for our first breakfast with the Senior Executive - more information will be provided soon.

Next Meeting : Tuesday 18th May at 6pm in Mr Walker's office

We look forward to meeting you.

Lucy Wenzke


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