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Online Learning

Accessing online learning

Now that Kincumber High School is delivering all learning experiences online students are expected to access and complete their learning using Google Classroom. Most students are already connected to the relevant Google Classrooms for all their classes. 

In order to join and access a Google Classroom a unique code is required. All of these codes are published on our KHS Online Learning Website. Click the banner below to be directed to it.

Quick Reference Guides on accessing, joining, using and completing classwork on Google Classroom are available below, and are also featured on the KHS Online Learning Website.

Quick Reference Guides

Below are a series of short how to guides on how to do get started with some of the technologies we utilise at Kincumber High School.

Acessing support

If you are experiencing difficulties with your online course work please contact your teachers directly.

If you are experiencing technological problems, access our how to guides on this page and on our online learning website, or get in touch with your teachers who can assist you or seek assistance from our Technology Support Officer (TSO).

If you are requiring wellbeing support, counselling services or need to consult the Head Teacher Wellbeing or relevant Year Adviser please complete and submit the form below and one of our staff will be able to get in touch with you. The form is also accessible at –

For general enquiries please contact the school directly on 0243 691 555.

Online learning advice for students